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A Mother's Infinite Love

Ana is a mom from Bible League International’s English Classes for Mummies at the Hope Centre. She has a 10 year old son, Hinson. They like to travel around Hong Kong and go on nature explorations, giving her a break from cooking duties.

I first heard of Hope of the City from a friend. She told me that there was an enthusiastic, foreign English teacher who put a lot of her heart into teaching others. It just so happened that I was looking for opportunities to learn English and improve myself. I’m from mainland China and I found the level of English here in Hong Kong relatively higher. I also wanted to learn more so in the future I could find a better job to provide for me and my son.

Teacher Jo Ann is such a wonderful and considerate teacher. I learn a lot from her as well. Being a single parent is very difficult. All my relatives are in Mainland China and I have to do most things by myself. My mother has been suffering from dementia for eight years now, and she doesn’t recognize herself or any of us. So every year on my birthday, besides myself, my son would be the only one who wishes me a happy birthday. This year, despite Teacher Jo Ann’s busy schedule, she actually remembered my birthday, and on the day she wished me a Happy Birthday. I was really surprised and very happy! The Hope Centre would also celebrate with us during festivals such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival which made me feel very warm.

These past couple years, my heart has, at times, been beating very fast. In February of 2019, it got so bad that I had to go the ER a few times. However, since I wasn’t considered an urgent nor fatal case, I was not treated immediately. Instead, I had to join a queue and the hospital arranged an appointment with a heart specialist in 2023. I was worried that my condition would worsen and I did not have enough money to go and see a private doctor in Hong Kong. During Christmas break in 2019, my sister encouraged me to go to Guangzhou to see a specialist. I received one month of medication and my condition improved.

However, I couldn’t stay in Mainland China because of my son’s studies and I had to return to Hong Kong.

My son has special educational needs, so for a long time, my relationship with him has been very poor. Whenever I saw courses on parenting at different community centres, I would go to listen and try to apply the suggested methods when disciplining him. I have found one or two methods which works for him. So now, I would continue to listen, try, look, ask, and search for answers with the hope of finding ways to solve the problem. I have even begun to tell my son that if I ever stop breathing or have no heartbeat, he should call 999 for help, and then notify his grandfather in China. So, that is why I really cherish every photo I take with my son. The Hope Centre has given me so many opportunities to grow closer to him through various activities and I have been able to receive photos of my son to keep as memories.

I am learning to get along with my son. I once heard a social worker say: A person who has love, will have greater achievements (一個擁有愛的人,他的成就,就會越大). Since he was little, I would saturate him with infinite love. It’s been frustrating especially with his homework because his studies are often a mess. No matter how many times we revise his school work together, he would forget. However, after the frustration, I’ve learned to accept where he is at, telling myself that although the results are not there he’s tried his best. He does shine in other ways though. I find that he can be very creative! One time while I was packing things up in 2019, I noticed that the Santa Claus he had handcrafted with paper had a little extra added to it. My son had made a cell phone for it. For a child who has never been loved by his father, I hope our Heavenly Father would open a spacious window for him to experience love.

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