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Our Team


Nelson yau , executive director

Nelson Yau is a native of Hong Kong who has also lived in Canada, China and Thailand. He holds a BA in Economics
(Canada) and an MSc in Training (UK). For more than 20 years, he pursued a career in management and corporate development with multinationals in Hong Kong and China, including stints as Operations Manager for Haagen-Dazs China and General Manager for Mercuri International (China), a training consultancy, where he was based in Shanghai.

In 2003, Nelson made the decision to step out of the business world to serve the underprivileged. He has since served with a number of NGOs in Thailand, Mainland China and now in Hong Kong, to improve the lives of those living in poverty, prisoners, marginalized youth, orphans and migrant workers. In Thailand he provided training to
key staff members and volunteers of the Love Your Neighbour Foundation (Phuket) and the Christian Prison Ministry Foundation (Bangkok), among others. In Mainland China, he served with Christian Action as the Head of Humanitarian Services, managing and training local and Hong Kong staff overseeing five children’s homes in Qinghai Province.

Since May, 2014, Nelson has served as the Executive Director of Hope of the City with a desire and commitment to bring real, life-changing hope to those living in poverty and despair in Hong Kong. His passion is to develop an army of committed, caring long-term volunteers to serve the city through building relationships with the poor and tearing down the social and economic barriers that so easily divide our society and lead to hopelessness.


kevin iu , deputy director of operations

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kevin cherishes the beauty of community in his hometown. After graduating from Applied Science and Engineering in University of Toronto, he returned to Hong Kong and began his career in Civil Engineering. 

Apart from Kevin’s daily job, he would spend his summers serving the indigenous in a village in Taitung. After spending five consecutive years leading teams of volunteers to build up the local community by hosting summer programs and youth empowerment, he began to consider to do more for where he came from. Consolidating his other volunteer experiences in Sichuan and Siem Reap, and reflecting the needs of the aged population in Hong Kong, Kevin decided to pursue full time in poverty alleviation work in the community in 2015.


Kevin works as the Deputy Director of Operations for Hope of the City. His passion continues to serve the disenfranchised in Hong Kong and he believes that through working alongside like-minded organisations and empowering volunteers who are concerned for the community leads to the most effective way in transforming the city.


jessica leung , associate director of community engagement

Jessica was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She moved to Hong Kong in 2006 and finished her last two years of high school. Shortly after earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Postgraduate Diploma in Education at Chinese University of Hong Kong, she began teaching children at an English Learning Centre. Her passion for mercy and poverty alleviation grew as she volunteered at her church’s outreaches to Mongolia and Uganda.  It was on these cross-cultural mission trips where she developed a passion to serve and empower the vulnerable communities.

Upon completing her six months of Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission in Colorado Springs, USA, she returned to Hong Kong with a newfound conviction to stay to serve the impoverished in this culturally diverse city, and bring hope and reconciliation to her second home.

Jessica joined Hope of the City as a Volunteer Coordinator in 2018. She believes that every person is intrinsically valuable and has the potential to flourish, and transformation begins with one life at a time, so she enjoys building relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and mobilizing volunteers through one-on-one-discipleship.


TSZ YAN FUNG , ADMINISTRATion & partnership manager

Tsz Yan was born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Geography at Hong Kong Baptist University. While working at Island ECC as an administrative staff, she would travel to mainland China every year for short-term service work helping stay-at-home children. After volunteering in China for several years, she felt drawn to care for families living within her hometown. Subsequently, she got to learn more about Hope of the City through her workplace, and began serving regularly as a volunteer to care for the underprivileged in the local community. 


Tsz Yan believes that community transformation starts with one person. If every transformed life impacted one family, and one transformed family impacted another family, then the whole community would experience transformation.

In 2015, Tsz Yan joined Hope of the City as an administrative staff managing the organization's sponsorship and funding. She also overlooks the Special Educational Needs Programmes that Hope of the City supports locally in Hong Kong. Her passion in bringing hope and love to the community empowers people to cultivate good moral values and character development. As an organization, more resources can be poured out to empower a larger number of people thereby producing a greater impact in the community as we work together with other local partners.


CK WONG , associate director of partner development

CK was born in Hong Kong and grew up in a grass-root community. He later studied, worked and built a start-up in Los Angeles, California. Upon returning to Hong Kong in 2008, he worked in sales and marketing before shifting his attention to strategic planning for sales optimization with limited resources.


While observing the needs of the fast changing world, he noticed that the quality in skill and knowledge has advanced but quality as a person is depleting. So, in 2015, CK began devoting his time to character building through mentoring students in Hong Kong, leading service trips and community transformation projects in a Village in Taitung, Taiwan. 

In November 2019, CK joined the team as a Program Coordinator. He mainly manages the usage of the Hope Centre and overlooks the tutoring programs with Hope of the City’s partners. CK recognizes there are still plenty of needs that are often overlooked in society due to the disproportionate distribution of resources, so he is passionate in optimizing the distribution process by connecting what is available with the pressing needs. CK is determined to live out his motto according to a quote from Bear Grylls, “To me, adventure has always been to me the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there. And you can have that anywhere.”



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mei Fun graduated with a Professional Diploma in Fashion and Clothing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  After devoting her life in the textile industry for years, she sensed that there is injustice in the corporate system where the underprivileged communities has been deprived of opportunities in their everyday life.


In 2021, Mei Fun decided to step down from her career to embark on a journey of volunteering. This is when she started as a teacher assistant in our 'Mommies Learn English' class. This journey was very fulfilling to Mei Fun where she reckons that this is where she can build authentic relationship between students and her and experience life transformations together. The experience of serving these mothers reinforced her determination to continue caring for the marginalised and vulnerable communities without turning back to the corporate world.


Mei Fun joined Hope of the City as a full time staff in January 2022, in charge of looking after women and kid’s program and also managing the everyday operation of Hope Center. In her job, she holds on closely to a bible verse in John 9:4 that says "As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work."

agnes k y tai |  Director, Great Glory Investment Corporation

brett hilliard |  Senior Pastor, Island ECC

brian kusunoki |  Co-Founder, Hope of the City

charles chu |  Solicitor, Charles Chu and Kenneth Sit. Solicitors

Rick Bates 
|  Executive Pastor, Island ECC

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