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40 Days of Hope

These past few weeks have been disheartening for so many of us as we watch and hear the news of the rapid rise of the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong. Some of us may have caught the COVID-19 illness and has recovered or is recovering, while others may have family members, friends or loved ones they know who have been affected by it. Furthermore, the empty shelves in the supermarket, the lack of medication or the rumored city wide lockdown could all potentially lead us to feeling anxious, helpless or fearful. We decided to start this 40 Days of Hope with the aim of encouraging one another to continue to be a conduit of hope through practical means on a day-to-day basis! We love this city and we hope each one of us can take part in spreading some hope, joy, love and kindness to those around us, and especially in this challenging time when our city is experiencing social distancing and social gathering restrictions. If you haven't done so yet, follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for daily updates on how you can be a beacon of hope during this fifth pandemic wave!

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