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Walking alongside the Youth

The ‘altR’ is a mentorship programme designed for youths who are exploring their career options. It provides classes where youths can develop practical skills such as coffee making, forming a band and photography. Not only can the youths gain hard skills, they can also acquire soft skills like communication skills, social skills, thinking skills and self-management skills. As a mentor, our role is to walk alongside these youths and offer support, guidance and encouragement.

In my first year of university, I joined a mentorship programme where I was assigned a mentor. We met up once a month and normally updated each other on our life journey or struggles. I've learnt that a mentorship is a professional friendship that requires contributions from both sides. My mentor listened and gave me useful advice. Hence, I decided to become a mentor in university. Little did I know, I will still be a mentor after I graduate.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to become an “altR'' mentor. I attended the two training sessions offered by Hope of the City’s staff and YWCA's social workers. Being an “altR'' mentor, we don't need to worry about where to meet, what to do and how long we should meet. These are all planned out with clear objectives, such as character building or providing a space for youths to think about their dream life. At the end of each session, there's time for both mentor and mentee to to reflect on what things went well and things to improve.

One of the Mic Drop series - Endurance that Pastor Brett preached. We all as the steward of truth need to pass it on to reliable people. What I received as a mentee must be handed down to my mentee. At first, I thought I was inadequate to be someone's mentor. “Mandy, I feel more clear and motivated after talking to you. So, I did this and that…” Listening to my mentee share her joy, I felt blessed. I saw how God used me to motivate my mentee, His love for us all and it's okay to feel inadequate because God will take care of all His children.

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