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Something to Hope For

I am Jessie Lee, I have been involved with elderly outreach for 1 year. I started to have a burden for elderly people 2 years ago when my parents were diagnosed with serious illnesses. I wanted to do something for elderly people. The senior whom I have been visiting with Alda is Sin Po Po, who lives alone and had brain surgery before. I was very glad that after 3 to 4 visits, she started to recognize me. She always expresses her appreciation to us for spending time with her and bringing her gifts (prepared by church). I believe that we have developed a good relationship. Though what we can do is limited, I hope our visit is something that Sin Po Po is looking forward to. I truly think that it is important to give elderly people something to hope for, such that they see life is still meaningful for them, and that they are still loved and cared by others.

One of the more memorable visits was our field trip to Lai Chi Kok Park. All elderly were truly excited about being able to venture outside of their normal home and community. Sin Po Po too was in really good spirits that day. She enjoyed what she saw and enjoyed all the company she had.

We invited Sin Po Po to pray with us in our visits, she never rejected us. I hope that in 2013, as we will continue to visit Sin Po Po, we can deepen our relationship with her and share the Gospel with her.

I thank God and Hope of the City for giving me chance to serve in this wonderful program. In the past few months, my family and myself have been thinking of a business to serve elderly people, through this outreach program I found that I really enjoyed serving elderly people and I wanted to do more for them. The experience I have gained will surely help me in the business.

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