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Learning through Serving

When Tony first learned about the opportunity to do outreach in Sham Shui Po, he knew instantly that he wanted to volunteer. Like many others, he wondered, “Will I have the time? Do I know what I am getting myself into? Am I really capable of helping others in a meaningful way?” However, he didn’t let his hesitations stop him.

He began volunteering to help Elli, the leader of J-Life community centre, with home visits to selected under-privileged families. Despite his initial concerns, he sensed that God was providing the time for him to participate and opening his heart and mind to embrace serving others.

Tony shared, “As time goes by, I find myself more and more committed to the ministry. I am truly inspired by the unconditional dedication Elli gives in helping this community and by God's grace, I am also learning and growing through volunteering.”

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