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God is Calling Every One of You

I visited Ms. Lai for the first time on 9th December 2012 as a Hope volunteer. Prior to the visit, I had spoken to her over the phone and our conversation convinced me that it would be a pleasant home visit. It was my first time visiting a partitioned home and I was shocked by Ms. Lai’s living condition. The partitioned home was so small that it could only fit one bed, which had to be next a tiny bathroom. Ms. Lai told me that rent has always been her major struggle. It has been so expensive that she has a very tight budget for food and other basic needs.

Fortunately, with the help of a social worker, Ms. Lai was granted a flat in the government housing with rent of only 1/3 of what she had been paying for the partitioned home. However, she is almost 80 years old and she needed people to help her move, so I asked her to contact the social worker to arrange the necessary help.

After 1 month, I visited Ms. Lai again. She looked much happier, because she got the key for her new place. She wanted to move in as soon as possible, in order to save some money on rent at the partitioned home. Yet, there was no news from the social worker. At this very moment, I felt God’s calling to help Ms. Lai with her move.

There must be a specific reason why God arranged me to visit this household. I was thinking, “what would Jesus do if he encountered the same situation?” Hence, I reached out to some brothers at my care group and with 5 of us (1 brother sponsored the moving cost), we successfully helped Ms. Lai relocate to her new place within the same week! Praise God, He again listened to our prayers.

The process went really smoothly and I felt that God had been guiding us and protecting us as always. Praise God for giving this experience to Ms. Lai, my brothers in Christ and me. The improvement in Ms. Lai's situation was a great blessing, which also gave an overflowing joy in our hearts! Through this experience, we believe that more people would have their prayers answered and more brothers and sisters would have the courage to answer God's call!

Can you hear God calling YOU? Act NOW!

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