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Dora and Carly's Story during COVID-19

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Dora and Carly are currently attending Bible League International’s English Classes for Mummies at the Hope Centre.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the vulnerable communities most affected include low-income families. We had an opportunity to listen to some of the struggles and challenged faced by Dora and Carly during this pandemic season.

Some of the challenges they have faced include cancellation of school and church activities. For Dora, being locked-down in a confined subdivided home with no foreseeable end has really caused a lot of stress for the family, especially when her son lacks the space needed to release his pent-up energy. For Carly, she and her son are co-living with another single mom with a child, so it has been challenging emotionally for all of them as they spend longer hours with one another in a tight living space.

As a friend and neighbor, a simple question was asked, ‘How could we help?’

Dora appreciated the immediate COVID-19 relief response from Hope of the City by providing hygiene protection supplies including face masks and hand sanitizers.  As the pandemic progressed, Dora is especially grateful that the Hope Centre re-opened for small group English revision classes and provided childcare, so she could resume learning English while her son can play and move around downstairs with the supervision of volunteers. Despite the social distancing, Carly has felt the warmth and care from her church and Christian community. Even though resources may be lacking, everyone was willing to put their minds and hands together to resolve the ongoing challenges faced during COVID-19.  

Some of the anticipated hurdles Dora foresees as the pandemic winds down is challenges to help her son find after-school activities and to help him readjust to a new rhythm of social life especially after being away from school and being in social distancing. For Carly, the challenge will be to find multiple jobs and resources to support her children, and improve their livelihood in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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