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COVID 19 Relief

Hong Kong is hit hard with the current fifth pandemic wave. The news reports among the 4,700 buildings that have been reported with COVID-19 cases, 13% (>600) of the buildings are located in Sham Shui Po, one of the most adversely affected districts (HKHeadline, February 23 2022). The highly densely populated neighbourhood makes families living in subdivided flats more vulnerable to being exposed to the coronavirus.


Our team quickly gathered with our local partners working in the frontline to brainstorm ways to provide immediate COVID-19 relief, and we have identified three major needs:


Most families lack information on what to do during this time (what to prepare at home, what actions to take after being in close contact with a positive case, or tested positive themselves, who to call etc.). We are working with our partners to provide and disseminate accurate information to the affected families, so they can take proper preventive and recovery measures to protect themselves and their family members. 


For families who are in close contact, they are recommended to stay home and will need groceries or ready made food delivered to their doorsteps. For families who have been tested positive, they will need groceries or ready made food for at least 4 days while staying home waiting for the government to take them to quarantine facilities. Our team is working closely with our partners including NGOs and churches to address and cater to their needs.


Some families and individuals that are affected are lacking basic medication such as Panadol and Vitamin C supplements.  At the same time, for families who may be showing preliminary symptoms, or are required to work or go out regularly to buy food for family, we hope to supply them with rapid antigen test kits for early detection to ensure the safety and well-being of themselves and their family members.

Hope of the City is preparing the 5th-wave Survival Kits for our partnering churches, schools and NGOs in Sham Shui Po to hand out and deliver to affected grassroots families. Our partners are closely liaising with families and individuals affected, so every kit will be customized to meet their specific needs. We are currently looking for the following items on the list: 

Rapid Antigen Test Kits

Face Masks for Adults and Children

Wifi eggs and data cards

Basic medications and supplements

Antibacterial Spray


Food Delivery Coupons

Supermarket Vouchers

Dried or Frozen Foods

If you would like to support these families together, you can donate via the icon above, or contact us below for donations in kind. 


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