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Harvest of Peace Takes Time

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Ko porpor (granny) is 84 years old living alone in a public housing estate. Volunteers like Elaine have been visiting her monthly for over four years now. Porpor has no immediate family or relatives living in Hong Kong. Her brother is living in China while her daughter and grandchildren lives in the UK.

Six months into our visitation, we developed a habit of praying together with Ko porpor during every visit. Last year, we started to read simple bible stories too. But when we visited again the following month, it would seem that she had forgotten about the stories we have told her, but we thought we would continue to share the good news whenever she felt comfortable to receive it.

In December 2019, Ko porpor needed to undergo a heart surgery to implant an aortic valve and she was very anxious about it. While her daughter was wrapping things up in the UK before flying over to Hong Kong, our group mate, Kylie would go to various health check-ups with Ko porpor leading up to the date of the surgery.

The day before her final pre-operation check-up, she was very worried and almost wanted to cancel the operation. So I offered to pray with her on the phone. I told her that God is with her. Without much faith I asked “Do you believe in God?” I thought she would give me her usual standard answer that she has been repeating for over three years which is “I don't know.” However, she gave me a big resounding YES! She even said, every night she would talk to God before she sleeps. “I don’t know how to pray, I just talk to Him.” she said. She then further clarifies “It is God, Jesus, who I talk to”. I was overwhelmed with joy and felt privileged to witness this elderly’s child-like faith to “talk” to Jesus.

On the day of the surgery, our group mate, Yu-Lik volunteered to pick-up and drive Ko por por and her daughter to ensure they get to the hospital on time for the surgery. We accompanied her until she went into the operation theatre.

We were really thankful we got to know her daughter over the course of her short stay while Ko porpor was recovering from the surgery.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Ko por por has been feeling extremely lonely since the home visitations have been cancelled and her daughter has returned to the UK.

We would reach out to her over the phone regularly and deliver masks to her when in need. Recently, Ko por por’s foot was swollen and in pain, so she called and expressed in tears over the phone how lonely she has been feeling.

I talked to her on the phone for a while and reminded her that she is not alone because Jesus is by her side. With the Holy Spirit’s leading, I was able to share more about God with her, and by the end of the phone call, Ko por por prayed and accepted Jesus Christ!

I thank God she can now find comfort in God in the midst of pain, and even in this time of ‘social distancing’ when we are apart, that she would not feel alone, but experience the nearness of God. May the peace of Christ be with her as she rests in the assurance that God is with her! 

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