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A Child's Worth

When we first met the children in Sham Shui Po, they were unwilling to talk to us and tried to avert our gazes, not to mention the difficulties for us to share with them. A lot of the kids living in Sham Shui Po may not experience a lot of love because their parents work really hard to provide for the family and are often away from home. But slowly, through confidence and trust building games, the volunteers started to connect with them.

We really wanted to let them know that we care about them. The children are just as worthy as any other person, but they may not know their worth and needed encouragement and affirmation. Through a lot of sharing and story telling, the children learnt more about values like trust, love, and forgiveness. We organized role-plays, games, sharing sessions and more games! This is not only fun to the kids, but also fun for the volunteers. In the end, the children responded to us by telling us that they want to come back for more; they also mentioned that no one has ever been so willing to share and listen to their thoughts. This is a great experience as I learnt a lot from the children and my fellow volunteers. Watching the children opening up is definitely an experience I would remember. In the end, us volunteers all received memorable gifts (in the forms of smileys and self written notes) from the children. I now have their gifts pinned on my table top to remind me of them.

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